We called for a long-term framework to secure federal infrastructure funding for WA


WA is currently the only state without an independent infrastructure body, tasked with the planning and prioritising of major projects.


The WA Government has done its part to ensure we get a fair share of funding through the establishment of Infrastructure WA.


The Infrastructure WA Bill is currently before the WA Government. If this Bill is passed, it will enable an independent body to be established and a long-term infrastructure strategy to be put in place.


While the strategy will ensure WA gets its fair share of funding in the future, this is still some years from being a reality. In the meantime, the newly elected Federal Government must ensure WA receives adequate funding.


WA currently accounts for 15 per cent of Australia’s Gross State Product (GSP) therefore should receive at least 15 per cent of federal infrastructure spend to ensure our state has the means to keep driving Australia’s economy forward.


Election outcome

In its 2019-20 Federal Budget, the Morrison Government pledged a total of $40 billion to national infrastructure projects, however WA has only been assigned $1.6 billion of this funding.


WA has yet again failed to receive its fair share of funding. Given our state is home to 10 per cent of Australians and we produce almost 15 per cent of the country’s economic output, we should receive at least the same percentage in federal infrastructure funding.


REIWA will continue to call on the Federal Government to implement a minimum infrastructure budget based on WA’s contribution to Australia’s GSP.


For more information about this issue, email advocacy@reiwa.com.au

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